Eco-friendly Materials

Eco Friendly Chemicals

Kolon Life Science has over 20 years experiences in Pyrithione manufacturing based on which we provide antimicrobial agents for paints and cosmetics with global companies in 28 countries worldwide.

Since KLS possess chemical synthesis tech, formulation tech and bio-tech, the convergence of them enables to meet the ever-changing market needs by customized products and technical service. We are taking another step forward as the most trusted partner.

High-purity pyrithione manufacturing Technology (Industrial field)
  • Having stable manufacturing system for high-purity products in 20 years experiences on pyrithione production
  • Possessing technology related to adjusting particle size and shape, advanced by a study on morphology
  • Supplying specialized products for various clients (Powder, paste, solution, dispersion)
  • Expanding to BPR, EPA regulated market based on strict quality management system.
Formulation Technology (Personal care field)
  • Possessing manufacturing technology of Zinc Pyrithione dispersion related to high stability and antimicrobial-effect by adjusting particle size and using proper dispersants.
  • Possessing antimicrobial formulation technology to make up for weaknesses of a single material and maximize effects